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Audio Comments

10 August 2006

I just came across this site that has an application which gives visitors to your blog the opportunity to leave audio comments. It is $45 dollars a year and has a 2 min limit on messages. I haven’t looked into this any further but it has interesting possibilities for K-12. A couple of teachers I was working with this year were struggling with how they can help students who have difficulty typing (sometimes they are too young, the blog is not in their native language, or they have special needs)… this tool may be a way for those students to also participate in the blog. Site:  MyChingo

The site that led me to MyChingo was GenTech 

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  1. Steve Whitaker Says:

    Kathryn, I like the idea of using audio commenting for students with special needs or conditions - I hadn’t thought about that application and think it has some real promise. Let me know if you do anything with it…

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