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Digital Learning

17 January 2007

The Digital Learning site from the MacArthur foundation was launched in 2006. Parts of the site are still under development. … Definitely worth watching…

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Digital Libraries

26 August 2006

In my quest for finding open source digital library software, I came across Dspace was developed by MIT and Hewlett-Packard. Institutions are using it to store, organize, classify, and make accessible to others all different types of digital objects. Important metadata is associated with each digital object. (Once again the power of metadata strikes […]

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Virtual You

9 August 2006

Originally posted 3/6/06
I just heard this story called “The Virtual You” this weekend. It was one of those stories that makes you go hmmmmm. The Virtual Reality Lab at Stanford University has been conducting studies on whether your digital self can impact your behavior. Characteristics of the “digital self” that were manipulated were things like […]

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