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Digital Learning

17 January 2007

The Digital Learning site from the MacArthur foundation was launched in 2006. Parts of the site are still under development. … Definitely worth watching…

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Using Graphics When Designing Courses

16 November 2006

As I mentioned previously, I am currently helping to build a set of online courses. Our design team is constantly struggling with different ways to represent content (for a particular goal or objective–e.g. model for students how to integrate a internet-based lesson plan). Anyway, I wanted to add a link to a Posting from Creating […]

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Michigan Merit Curriculum Guidelines for Online Learning

3 November 2006

On April 20th of this year our governor signed into effect a law that revised Michigan’s high school graduation requirements. The state has more recently published a set of guidelines for the Online Learning requirement. (Thanks to my colleague Carrie for sending this along ). This document provides clarification on what the state means […]

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ODEO Tutorial

2 November 2006

Recently I spoke with students at CMU on how to create a podcast using ODEO studio. I have also created a short flash video on how to create a podcast. To view the video click here.

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EASE History

22 October 2006

EASE History is a web-based application that supports the social studies curriculum. The site is filled with videos and photographs from campaign ads. Users of the EASE interface can compare and contrast videos with their unique flash based interface.

Recently, I interviewed Brian Collins the lead developer of the site.

Listen to […]

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Digital Libraries

26 August 2006

In my quest for finding open source digital library software, I came across Dspace was developed by MIT and Hewlett-Packard. Institutions are using it to store, organize, classify, and make accessible to others all different types of digital objects. Important metadata is associated with each digital object. (Once again the power of metadata strikes […]

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Ebb and Flow

15 August 2006

Currently I am in the process of designing some online courses. Today I was thinking about not just how and why a specific media should be selected but also … when. While the courses focus on teaching skills (in a meaningful context and related to practice) they are still well … teaching skills. When teaching […]

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Audio Comments

10 August 2006

I just came across this site that has an application which gives visitors to your blog the opportunity to leave audio comments. It is $45 dollars a year and has a 2 min limit on messages. I haven’t looked into this any further but it has interesting possibilities for K-12. A couple of teachers I […]

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Ideas and Practice

9 August 2006

Originally posted 3/16/06
Sometimes we fall in love with ideas (hopefully more than sometimes ). But as the cliché goes sometimes love can be blind. I came across a posting in the blog Creating Compassionate Users in which the author recounts an event when she came to realize that conceptually her plans for a workshop […]

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Game Based Learning

9 August 2006

Originally posted 2/16/06
Last month an article in T.H.E Journal discussed the educational benefits of game based learning- currently a hot topic in education. In the article “Game On!” the authors contend that “Before becoming converts to DGBL, however, educators need answers to questions about how games can support learning, what makes a good game, […]

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